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What is an Assessment Center?

An Assessment Center is a management diagnostic process involving group selection procedures in which a number of participants engage in a series of simulation exercises and complete some business psychological tests. The participants are observed and evaluated against precisely defined criteria by several in-house and external assessors. The assessors integrate their observations with the test data and identify individual strengths and limitations with a view to staffing specific positions or in order to determine individual developmental needs.

What is the goal of an Assessment Center?

An Assessment Center can be conducted to assist with selection and/or development decisions. The goal is to make recommendations that will help our clients select suitable candidates or identify personnel development measures. In many cases, Assessment Centers are also used to assist in choosing between a technical, management or project management career path.

What does the participant take from an Assessment Center?

Participation in an Assessment Center gives candidates the opportunity to examine their own personality, approach to work and their personal development plan, and to receive discerning feedback on their individual strengths and limitations from both SP consultants and in-house assessors.