Management Diagnostik

Getting the right person
in the right place

In Management Diagnostics we offer clients individual or group processes to assess the suitability of a candidate for a role using Business Psychology criteria. We use different approaches depending on whether the main focus is selection or development decisions and choices.

In Selection Assessment we determine whether a candidate meets the demands of a particular, defined role. Development Assessment focuses more on identifying a candidate's potential for further progress and development. We use the assessment tools outlined below to support both selection and development recommendations.

Individual Assessments

An Individual Assessment provides the client with relevant additional information about an internal or external candidate, thus providing clarity and certainty in support of significant personnel decisions.

We offer either Executive Assessments or Management Assessments depending on the individual's level of management.

An Individual Assessment is carried out by two consultants employing our methodology. Each consultant conducts an in-depth interview with the candidate. In addition, appropriate business psychological tests provide objective data which can be compared to suitable management benchmarks. The consultants integrate the findings from their interviews with the test data and prepare a report which includes specific recommendations about selection or future development.

Management Audits

Management Audits are designed to cover the entire leadership team which may consist of different management levels.

The goal is to identify collective and individual strengths and limitations and to gain information on factors within the leadership environment that either foster or hinder success.

Working with the client we tailor the design of the audit, including the selection of suitable tests and simulation exercises, to the client's specific situation.

A Management Audit shows the decision makers specific courses of action that are required and so is one of the most effective tools for ensuring a company achieves its goals through its management team.

Assessment and Development Centers

Assessment and Development Centers are management diagnostic processes involving group selection procedures. They support our clients in selecting and developing junior management staff effectively and in identifying potential.

Working with the client we design the simulation exercises in the Assessment or Development Center on the basis of company-specific competencies. The exercises are usually conducted by assessor teams of SP consultants and in-house assessors drawn from the client's executives and managers. A coincidental benefit is the development experience being an in-house assessor brings to those involved.