Hygiene concept – Measures 2021

Hygiene concept – Measures 2021

For the assessments in our offices, and for the protection of our clients, assessment participants and employees, we undertake to comply with the following infection control measures and hygiene rules.

Corona self-tests

All Sourisseaux Partners consultants and staff are tested daily. We also provide our clients and assessment participants who come to our office with a self-test on arrival to ensure the highest possible level of infection control for the assessment process.

Minimum distance of 1.5 metres

We have enough space in our offices to maintain necessary social distance. We maintain the minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres between people at all times.

Mouth-Nose Coverings

We ensure that our assessors and staff wear mouth-nose coverings and point out to our visitors that mouth-nose coverings are required for their own protection and that of our staff. The covering of the mouth and nose may only be removed in exceptional cases and only with the mutual consent of all persons involved (e.g. during the interviews).

In this case, the minimum distance between persons must be extended to at least 2.0 metres.

We are happy to provide mouth-nose coverings at reception.

Ventilation of the premises

We make sure that there is a regular exchange of air in our rooms.

Our assessment rooms are ventilated during and after the interviews. Furthermore, we use air purification devices to reduce aerosol pollution.

Hand hygiene

We provide disinfectants in the reception area, in the sanitary facilities and in the offices. In addition, an intensified daily disinfection of all rooms takes place.

Control and regulation of visitor and staff traffic

We limit the number of people present. We make sure that there are no other assessors or staff in the office, except for the people who are absolutely necessary to carry out the assessment. All other staff members carry out their work in their home offices. Our workplaces are designed in such a way that we can keep sufficient distance to other people (at least 1.5 metres).

For our assessments in particular, we ensure that all participants have their own office room where they can meet only with the assessors during the assessment, so that social interactions can be kept to a minimum. There will also be no multiple occupancy of these rooms. Furthermore, we ask our visitors not to spend their breaks in the public areas of our offices.

The working materials in the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our cleaning company in the evening.

Instruction of consultants and staff members

All consultants and employees of Sourisseaux Partners are required to strictly adhere to this hygiene concept and are regularly informed about the current status of hygiene regulations.

Our hygiene concept is regularly reviewed with regard to current pandemic regulations and, if necessary, revised or updated.